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    • [ Industry News ] Yantai moving teaches you how to sort and arrange moving items

      Do you know how to classify when moving? I believe everyone is not very familiar with it. Then Yantai moves to teach you how to sort and arrange the moving items, and I hope to help everyone. 1.Refrigerator; unplug it one day before moving, defrost and remove moisture; after moving the former residence, please leave it for 30 minutes before power on; 2.TV: first
      Release time: 2019-07-31 Click times: 794

    • [ Industry News ] Tell you tips for saving moving costs!

      In order to make the process of moving more smooth and avoid affecting your own experience, usually everyone wants to know which one is good for moving in Yantai. When you choose a company, you must be able to make a reasonable comparison, and you must master some Tips and tricks can be smoother. Here's how to save money? Hope for everyone
      Release time: 2019-03-07 Click times: 548

    • [ Company News ] What is necessary to move before moving is more auspicious

      Moving to a new place is not a trivial matter, and there are many customs. Whether renting a house or buying a new house, it means living in a brand new place for a long time. In order to be able to enter the house smoothly in the future, the career rises, and the wealth is rolling, you must pay attention to these small details when moving. But do you know what is auspicious to move something into the house first? Let me give you some details
      Release time: 2019-03-07 Click times: 584

    • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] Yantai Moving Company will share with you how to identify a serious fake moving company

      Now in this society, the level of science and technology has improved, and the standard of living has also improved. Even the tricks of those scammers have also improved. Some scammers have even entered the moving industry, posing as some well-known moving companies to deceive. It is not good if they accidentally get caught. How should we discriminate between real and fake moving companies to avoid being fooled by those scammers?
      Release time: 2019-03-07 Click times: 515

    • [ Company News ] Taboo of Feng Shui in Living Room to Consider after Moving

      After moving, being able to live in a new house is certainly a good thing. However, after moving, the feng shui problem in the living room cannot be ignored. The living room is not only a place for our guests, but also a place for the family to gather and chat. Feng Shui in the living room is watching the fortunes of the whole family. If the feng shui in the living room is not good, even if you live in your new home, it may not be better than living in your old home. Maybe
      Release time: 2019-03-07 Click times: 466

    • [ Company News ] Everyone has 9 major problems in moving!

      When moving from one place to another, whether it is family relocation or company relocation, there will always be various problems. These questions are about our own good and bad. In order to have a good sign when moving into a new place and to get rid of the bad luck of the past, it is necessary to understand the problems in the process of moving into the house. 1. Can I live before entering the house? Suggested moving
      Release time: 2019-03-07 Click times: 380

    • [ Company News ] How to move scientifically without worry, a few notes

      Not always moving? No moving experience? What should we do once the situation arises? What should we pay attention to when moving? Let me explain it to you in detail. Preparations: (1) Before the arrival of workers, now put waste cloth on the floor of the old and new homes to avoid scratching the floor; (2) Before starting to move, it is best to confirm whether the price is the same as before
      Release time: 2019-03-07 Click times: 379

    • [ Industry News ] How to move and pack large furniture?

      The packing work of moving is a question asked by the university. Out-of-order and method-free packing is easy to find things or damage items after moving to a new house. Smart packing methods can solve many problems and make moving easier. First of all, you need to spend some time in planning and classification, which can avoid confusion or find things, and save time in organizing. Put the vase or bottle in the original bag first
      Release time: 2019-03-07 Clicks: 284

    • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] How to avoid or reduce losses when moving?

      For young people, moving is a common thing. For example, if you want to move to a place closer to work, or if you have money, you want to move to a better place to live. Moving is a good thing, so how can you avoid or lose less and move smoothly and smoothly? 1. When choosing a company, you must shop around. You can use the newspaper.
      Release time: 2019-03-07 Click times: 712

    • [ Company News ] How to pack and move the LCD TV when moving

      With the development of society, televisions have become popular, and almost every household has one or more televisions. In the process of moving, we summarized two things that should be paid attention to when moving the TV. Now I will tell you how to handle the TV. There are generally two types of TVs today, one is the old-fashioned TV and the other is the LCD TV. Let's talk about how LCD TVs come first
      Release time: 2019-03-07 Click times: 401

    • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] Matters needing attention for company unit relocation

      Company relocation is different from ordinary family relocation. There are many items in the company unit, which involves furniture disassembly, air conditioning relocation, and many company units also have large items such as safe fish tanks. The moving company visits the house, finalizes some moving details, and signs a moving contract. The contract should stipulate some details, especially damage.
      Release time: 2019-03-07 Clicks: 470

    • [ Company News ] 5 new houses to pay attention to and pay attention to taboos

      1. Do n’t go to your new home empty-handed. It ’s okay to leave Erlang when you go to your new home. But when you officially move, you must pay attention to taboos. Generally, you choose a good day. For example, chai rice oil and salt, pots and pans and pots and pans mean worry-free food and clothing, carrying sheets and bedding, meaning life and stability, carrying silver
      Release time: 2019-03-07 Clicks: 387

    • [ Company News ] Method for disassembling air conditioner when moving in Yantai

      How to disassemble the air conditioner when moving? This general professional moving company has a special person in charge, but if we dismantle it ourselves, what should we do? Let ’s move to Yantai to explain how to remove the air conditioner when moving. When dismantling the air conditioner in Yantai, it is necessary to collect the refrigerant in the air conditioner and collect it into the outdoor unit. Start before disassembly
      Release time: 2019-08-23 Click times: 789

    • [ Company News ] Yantai moving company shares the assembly and installation steps of the desk

      For many people, the process of moving may be very hard, especially for individuals, it is difficult to disassemble and relocate furniture, and for companies and companies, it is difficult to disassemble and disassemble desks. Next, the Yantai moving company will explain it to everyone. 1. Some board desks are often assembled by different components, so not
      Release time: 2019-08-07 Clicks: 740

    • [ Industry News ] How to compare the good and bad of moving companies?

      Many people say they don't know how to choose a moving company. Each company claims that it has great strength, can do everything, and the service is extremely good. However, in fact, there was a lot of helplessness and unreasonable reasons for cooperation. In fact, the main reason is that the customer has not selected a good company. So today, let me tell you about how to compare the good and the bad of the company.
      Release time: 2019-03-07 Clicks: 688

    • [ FAQ ] How to protect large antique vases when moving?

      If you have a lot of valuable items such as large antique vases in your house when you move, you need to be able to pack and protect them reasonably in addition to being careful and careful during the handling process, so here is a comprehensive for everyone Introduce how to protect and pack the large antique vases in your home.
      Release time: 2019-03-07 Click times: 381

    • [ FAQ ] How to judge the quality of moving services?

      When choosing some moving companies, if you want to find a more reliable company, then you should choose some good companies. Only those companies that can provide good services can enable you to successfully complete the task, so how? Can you judge the quality of these services? Here are some ways to effectively judge the quality of these services.
      Release time: 2019-03-07 Clicks: 375

    • [ Industry News ] What should I do when moving to rain or snow?

      For any family, moving is very stressful, so everyone will choose a suitable date before moving, especially the yellow calendar to choose a suitable date, but if it happens to be rainy or snowy on that day, it is considered a yellow calendar date Very good will also affect the mood, so what should we do in rain and snow? If you are very sorry on that day
      Release time: 2019-03-07 Click times: 396

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