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      • [ Company News ] How to distinguish between a regular Yantai moving company and an informal moving company?

        With the continuous development of the social economy, the improvement of the living environment and the acceleration of personnel flow, many people will encounter the situation of moving. When we move, in order to complete the moving work more efficiently, we are in the process of moving. Yantai moving companies are usually chosen to help us move, so how should we choose the right
        Release time: 2019-11-09 Clicks: 490

      • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] What do you ignore when moving in Yantai?

        There are many people moving, but in the process of moving people, like how to save moving time and how to move, we have considered all the things that need to be considered, but because of the complexity, it will affect our emotions and will ignore many details. The decision on some issues will sway left and right to ignore the details, and a little carelessness will cause you to lose control and bring some unnecessary
        Release time: 2019-08-08 Clicks: 458

      • [ Company News ] Yantai moving tells you to pay attention to four points during disassembly

        In fact, we have all found that furniture removal and disassembly, in order to facilitate our use of better operations, the current disassembly and assembly of working furniture can be loaded and unloaded, and the high-precision processing furniture can still complete repeated disassembly On, and for many people, assuming that the old work furniture is relatively well maintained, you can continue to use it after moving.
        Release time: 2019-08-05 Click times: 1453

      • [ Company News ] 5 Tips for Moving Yantai You Didn't Know

        Everyone sometimes faces the general problems when moving, but you know what are the 5 more practical moving skills? Then I will give you a specific explanation, I hope it can be of great help to everyone. (1) How to save relocation costs? To save the cost of relocation, first of all, choose a formal relocation company, never look for the street
        Release time: 2019-08-02 Clicks: 609

      • [ Company News ] Yantai Management Foundation

        Everyone will choose a moving company when moving, but you know what is the management basis for moving in Yantai? Then I will give you a specific explanation, I hope to have a good understanding of everyone. 1. Steps of Yantai moving (1) Do training and education well. Relevant to quality management of Shenzhen moving
        Release time: 2019-07-25 Clicks: 556

      • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] Yantai Move

        There is no doubt that moving is a trivial matter. When moving, we must plan ahead, pack some valuable things in boxes, and choose a lucky day. Many people are very interested in the topics of moving and throwing things and moving precautions. Then Yantai will move to give everyone a specific explanation about moving and throwing things.
        Release time: 2019-07-24 Clicks: 581

      • [ Company News ] Yantai Moving Explains whether Air Conditioning Moving Machines Are Detrimental to Air Conditioning

        Air conditioning is a household appliance that is almost indispensable in daily life. In daily life, maybe due to various conditions, the air conditioner needs to be moved. Some friends will worry about it. I do n’t know if the air conditioner is moved. influential. Let ’s move to Yantai to explain how to move the air conditioner. Let ’s also look at the main points of the process. 1
        Release time: 2019-07-19 Clicks: 583

      • [ Industry News ] What are the particulars and precautions for the axe bought by Yantai?

        Each region has its own unique customs and characteristics. Naturally, there are many different places when moving, but do you know any particulars and precautions for the axe you buy when moving? Then Yantai will move to give you a specific explanation. First, the hack monster Yantai moved to explain that there used to be a place where they only needed one
        Release time: 2019-07-18 Clicks: 564

      • [ Company News ] How to pack shoes when moving in Yantai

        When moving to another location, the packing of our clothes and other items seems simple. In fact, the steps are very tedious. The first thing to consider is how to pack without occupying space, and how to pack can not destroy the original form and not affect the future. Use effect. In this way, the problem of moving and packing in different places has become a big problem. In fact, clothing is relatively easy and slightly complicated.
        Release time: 2019-07-17 Clicks: 533

      • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] How can Yantai move to reduce the burden when moving?

        Moving and moving is a tedious task. Until you personally go to each room to pack and organize your items, you will find that your stuff is too much and too fragmented, and you will find this kind of work too tired. So what are the good ways to reduce the burden of your relocation and make your relocation less tiring? Yantai moved to explain to everyone
        Release time: 2019-07-16 Clicks: 479

      • [ Company News ] Moving in the middle of the night is not auspicious Yantai moving to teach you to do these

        In the middle of the night, it is a very dark hour. Many people do n’t like to do things at this hour. Some people like to walk with each other even when they are walking at night. The purpose is not just to prevent bad people, but also To prevent yourself from doing something unexpected. So everyone would think that midnight is a very unlucky time, not to mention doing it at such a time
        Release time: 2019-07-13 Clicks: 573

      • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] What do you need to pay attention to when transporting solid wood furniture in Yantai?

        The solid wood furniture is natural and environmentally friendly, revealing the beauty of nature and originality, without chemical pollution, which meets the psychological needs of modern urban people advocating nature. However, in the process of moving, solid wood furniture is relatively easy to break. Solid wood furniture will be distorted and deformed in a humid environment, and paint will fall off during exposure, which will cause the furniture to fall apart. Need for long distance solid wood furniture transportation
        Release time: 2019-07-09 Clicks: 545

      • [ Company News ] Yantai moving to tell you about moving and moving

        Now in order to make the home more smooth, many people will worship some gods at home to bless the family and bring better development to the family. The deity has a very important position in the home, so it must be respected. When moving, if the feng shui is wrong, it will have some impact on the home, especially the deity, which needs more attention. Then Yantai will move
        Release time: 2019-07-08 Clicks: 460

      • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] Do you have any particulars about choosing to move in the Spring Festival?

        We all know that many people choose a good day in advance when moving, which often brings good luck and joy to themselves and their families, and many people often have influences due to some objective reasons or their subjective factors. Will choose the day of moving in the Spring Festival to better cheer, so choose to move in the Spring Festival is particular about it? Then Yantai
        Release time: 2019-07-05 Clicks: 443

      • [ Company News ] Yantai moving teach you how to move and boil water

        We said that modern people pay great attention to feng shui when they move, so this has formed some specific particulars when moving. The content of these particulars involves multiple aspects, such as burning after moving. When it comes to water, there are corresponding stresses, so what are the specific aspects of moving water and boiling water? Here is a summary of this in Yantai moving.
        Release time: 2019-07-04 Clicks: 511

      • [ Company News ] Yantai Relocation Introduction

        Is there a pregnant woman at home that is suitable for moving? Or, if there is a pregnant woman at home, what should you pay attention to when moving? Here is a question for everyone: Ancient medicine has not been as popular as it is now. Therefore, the ancients often superstitious folk religions. Big movements will move the fetal gas, make the fetal god angry and cause unavoidable abortion. Then Yantai will move to give everyone a tool
        Release time: 2019-07-01 Clicks: 496

      • [ Company News ] Yantai Relocation

        Due to the hot weather in summer and the cloudy and sunny weather, many moving users will not choose to move in summer. Not only is the relative increase in the cost of moving in the summer, it is even harder to let people go out, not to mention the tiring move. For people during the day, it is difficult to see a few on the street, but on the contrary, it becomes lively at night, and the moving company is also full of life at this time.
        Release time: 2019-06-28 Clicks: 431

      • [ Company News ] How to move to save effort without hurting your body? Yantai moved to teach you?

        Yantai moved said that I believe that when people need to move in their lives, those small and small items are okay to say, but if they encounter heavy objects, if they use the wrong lifting posture for a long time, they have troubles. Let ’s take a look at the “bent over” posture to carry heavy objects. This is the posture most people will use in life. However, if you have always used this posture to carry heavy objects
        Release time: 2019-06-27 Clicks: 602

      • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] Yantai moving teaches you how to avoid the cost of second moving

        Because with the increasing number of moving companies, the competition within the industry is also increasing. In order to enable their own moving company to have a very stable development, some of them will inevitably use various Yantai moving companies. Bad ways to make some profit for yourself. The victim of this deception is the moving consumer, so it will cause
        Release time: 2019-06-26 Clicks: 432

      • [ Company News ] Things to note when moving in the rainy season

        We often hear the term “moving” in daily life, and sometimes experience it in person, but sometimes the sky is not beautiful during the process of moving, and it will encounter a rainy day. Then we know that we should pay attention to moving in the rainy season. what? Then I will give you a specific introduction, I hope it can be of great help to everyone. If it rains, the company
        Release time: 2019-04-28 Clicks: 429

      • [ Industry News ] How to save money by moving?

        How can my friends save money when moving? There are more than one way to save money. First of all, we need to understand what we need and what services we need. For example, when some tenants' friends moved, there were seven or eight parcels. Towed away with a van. Then all you need is a van. Some household friends may have more household appliances.
        Release time: 2019-04-12 Clicks: 512

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