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    • [ Industry News ] Yantai moving company explains how to pack fragile goods when moving?

      When moving, it is inevitable that there will be some fragile things that need to be packed, but there is no suitable box. We can only use some of the things in our hands to help with the packaging. Many moving companies also provide packaging services, but you can also learn related knowledge to give yourself a deeper understanding. Then the Yantai moving company will give you specific details
      Release time: 2019-12-21 Clicks: 456

    • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] Yantai Moving Company introduces how to move and protect valuables

      At the moment of moving, what we are most worried about is often the handling of valuables or fragile items. This is especially true for long distances. After all, the goods will inevitably be bumped during the transportation of the vehicle. Once the protection is not good, it is easy to cause damage. Take a look at how the Yantai moving company handles it. Especially for some valuables, and
      Release time: 2019-11-23 Click times: 459

    • [ Company News ] How to distinguish between a regular Yantai moving company and an informal moving company?

      With the continuous development of the social economy, the improvement of the living environment and the acceleration of personnel flow, many people will encounter the situation of moving. When we move, in order to complete the moving work more efficiently, we are in the process of moving. Yantai moving companies are usually chosen to help us move, so how should we choose the right
      Release time: 2019-11-09 Clicks: 488

    • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] How do I pack quilts when moving?

      When moving, things like quilts, which are difficult to pack, are worthy of our consideration and methods. Then the Yantai moving company will give you a specific explanation. I hope it can be of great help to everyone. First, the quilt is classified and packaged. We need to categorize the type of quilt. Generally, there are two types of quilts. One is a comparison.
      Release time: 2019-09-29 Clicks: 489

    • [ Industry News ] Yantai moving company tells you that there are ways to save time when moving

      We all say that moving is a big deal for everyone, and no one wants to mess around. Yantai moving company tells you how to move. The first is to arrange the time. It takes two to three hours to move. If it is a long distance or traffic jam, it will take longer. The second is to make an appointment in advance with the moving company in Yantai to let the moving company
      Release time: 2019-09-21 Clicks: 542

    • [ Industry News ] Yantai moving company introduces the details of large enterprises moving

      Moving is not only a personal or family need, but many large companies or factories may move. Relatively speaking, the larger the size of the customer, the more tedious it will be to move. Therefore, for moving, it is necessary to grasp and understand the relevant details of attention. Today, the Yantai moving company will analyze the details that large enterprises need to pay attention to when moving.
      Release time: 2019-09-19 Clicks: 537

    • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] Will the Yantai moving company tell you to move at night?

      Nowadays many people are busy during the day and have no time, so they choose to move at night. If you have the intention to move at night, then the editor of Yantai Moving Company needs to provide you with some precautions. 1. Whether the property management in the district where the company lives or the company's location agrees and issues an exit ticket will affect the rest of the neighbors. Disturbing people is a specific question
      Release time: 2019-09-17 Clicks: 478

    • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] Yantai moving company talks about the problems in handling!

      Nowadays, more and more families have begun to pay attention to some problems during transportation, and have made high demands. Not only does the company need to be able to ship all the furniture, furniture, etc. to the new house, it also requires high efficiency and guaranteed quality. But many problems are difficult to solve in our opinion, so these factors make work delayed.
      Release time: 2019-09-05 Clicks: 726

    • [ Industry News ] Introduction of tools commonly used in Yantai moving companies

      Everyone knows that you only need to find a moving company in Yantai. Then you know what tricks or necessary tools you need to move. It is estimated that only the movers in this industry know. Here are some of the most commonly used tools for moving companies in Yantai. 1. Carton This is the most commonly used moving props, except
      Release time: 2019-09-04 Clicks: 753

    • [ Industry News ] Yantai moving company brings us convenience

      The Yantai moving company can provide you with moving services, which is more considerate. In this case, it can allow you to reduce the moving time without much effort on your part. It is a better industry. When you want to move, do you still have headaches for moving? When moving, you have to take all kinds of things, from furniture and appliances to small ones.
      Release time: 2019-09-02 Click times: 863

    • [ Industry News ] How to choose a moving company in Yantai for the first time?

      Everyone usually chooses a moving company when moving, but do you know how to choose a moving company in Yantai? Let me give you a detailed introduction. I hope everyone can apply what they have learned and can help everyone. 1. See qualifications. When choosing a Yantai moving company, you must choose a regular moving company. The regular Yantai moving company is in the country.
      Release time: 2019-08-29 Clicks: 547

    • [ Industry News ] What's so special about moving in the afternoon?

      Do you want to move as soon as you move? The Yantai moving company tells you that this is also very particular. Generally, do not choose to move in the afternoon. The following introduces you to some of the stresses of moving in the afternoon. 1. Try not to choose moving in the afternoon. In fact, you want to avoid the problem of moving in the afternoon. First of all, we say that the best and most direct way is
      Release time: 2019-08-28 Clicks: 818

    • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] Yantai moving company tells you about moving gifts

      Friends moving should be able to carefully choose some gifts to congratulate, this way can also promote friendship, you can choose according to the actual situation, but pay attention to the taboo gift giving Oh. Everyone knows that gifts for congratulating others on moving can be daily necessities, food, flowers, crafts, etc. However, it should be noted that it is not appropriate to send daily necessities to send knives,
      Release time: 2019-08-27 Clicks: 628

    • [ Company News ] How to deal with multiple price increases of the Yantai moving company?

      Everyone has experienced moving, but everyone knows that sometimes moving companies will increase prices, and everyone knows how we should respond? Then I will give you a detailed explanation of the solution to the multiple price increases of the Yantai moving company. 1. Temporary workers come to help, do you dare to move? Appointed a moving company but did not work
      Release time: 2019-08-22 Clicks: 602

    • [ Industry News ] Details of choosing Yantai moving company

      At present, there are some irregular moving companies in the market engaged in moving business. These moving companies do not even have official office locations and business licenses, and some of them use the form of small advertisements to pretend to be regular Yantai moving companies. The company. Therefore, it is recommended that customers should carefully choose to move, and it is recommended that customers give priority to the choice of brand.
      Release time: 2019-08-20 Click times: 1129

    • [ Company News ] When is the best time to move? Let the Yantai moving company tell you

      The new home has finally been renovated. Of course, many friends can't wait to live in the new home. And personal moving is a troublesome matter, especially the choice of time, which needs to be planned well. Then the Yantai moving company will introduce it to everyone. First, the new home needs to wait for the decoration of the new home to be completed, everyone must very much want to move to this own nest
      Release time: 2019-08-19 Clicks: 503

    • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] How to Improve the Image of Moving Companies in Yantai

      With the continuous development of cities, there are many moving companies in each city, and there are many moving companies in Beijing. Although there are many moving companies, there are not many impressive moving companies. So how to make customers leave a deep impression on the moving company is a very serious problem, and companies are constantly looking for breakthroughs. we can not
      Release time: 2019-08-14 Click times: 389

    • [ Industry News ] Yantai moving company talks about planning and handling precautions before moving

      Everyone should know that with the continuous development of the times, everyone will choose a moving company to move when it is more convenient when moving, but you know what planning and handling precautions are made before moving. Then the Yantai moving company will give you a specific explanation. The smooth situation of traffic congestion, it is recommended that you master the appropriate travel
      Release time: 2019-08-09 Clicks: 736

    • [ Company News ] Yantai moving company on matters needing attention

      Everyone often ignores and pays attention to the details when moving, and everyone does not know these details well, then the Yantai moving company will come to give you a specific explanation and hope that it can be of great help to everyone. ⒈ During the transportation process, two or more people in the family cooperated with each other. One moved out to assist the staff in the house, and the other stayed by the car
      Release time: 2019-08-08 Click times: 619

    • [ Industry News ] How can Yantai moving companies effectively avoid heat stroke in summer?

      The hot summer move service is a challenge for everyone. Many friends hope to avoid heat stroke when moving in summer, but how can we avoid heat stroke when moving in summer? Then let's explain the methods of Yantai moving company to avoid heat stroke in summer. In fact, if you choose personal moving services in summer, then everyone is best
      Release time: 2019-08-06 Clicks: 403

    • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] Yantai moving company teaches you how to clean after moving

      When moving companies in Yantai, we must pay attention to protecting valuables and furniture. Furniture mainly includes sofas, bookcases, wardrobes, beds, pianos, dining tables, chairs, etc. These are all large items. They are also the most difficult to move. Usually 2-4 people are required to transfer, and they are also easy to touch and dirty together. How to prevent bumps and dirty questions
      Release time: 2019-09-07 Clicks: 2150

    • [ Industry News ] Yantai moving company shares four methods for you to move easily

      Decoration is a university knowledge, but there are many small ways to move after the decoration. Many people do n’t understand this, so that they can move as they want. The result is often worrying, laborious and costly. If furniture is damaged, how can we prevent such problems from appearing? Yantai moving company believes that everyone knows after reading this article
      Release time: 2019-08-02 Clicks: 1981

    • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] Details of Yantai Moving Company Should Pay Attention When Handicraft Handling

      There are many things people need to pay attention to when moving, including those that are valuable, such as valuable furniture, antique calligraphy, and large-scale crafts. Most of the handicrafts are classified as fragile. If the maintenance method is not done during transportation, you will regret it when an unexpected situation occurs. In this situation, you should follow some professional moving companies
      Release time: 2019-08-01 Clicks: 589

    • [ Industry News ] Yantai moving company explained that these tools should be transferred when moving!

      Moving to a new place is not a trivial matter. There are many customs. Whether renting a house or buying a new house, it means living in a brand new place for a long time. In order to enter the future house smoothly, the career is high, and the wealth is rolling, Yantai moving company tells you that when moving, we must pay attention to these small details. 1. based on kitchen utensils
      Release time: 2019-07-31 Clicks: 609

    • [ Industry News ] Yantai moving company's methods of moving refrigerators

      The refrigerator is one of the characteristic appliances in the electrical appliances. When we move, we must pay special attention to protect the safety of the refrigerator and avoid bumps and bumps. We may also arrange the information in the food in time. The Yantai moving company will give us a brief introduction. The specific information is as follows: Pay extra attention to it. After placing it in the transferred refrigerator, it should be left for 2
      Release time: 2019-07-29 Clicks: 514

    • [ Industry News ] Yantai moving company reminds how to have a good mood when moving

      The Yantai moving company reminds you that there are many things during the relocation, the work is trivial and confusing, and it simply leads to mental irritability. The Yantai moving company teaches you how to have a good mood at the time of the relocation and take care of the relocation. 1. On the day before or on the day of relocation, you should pack your belongings, take out the clothes in the closet, and keep the things in the refrigerator.
      Release time: 2019-07-26 Clicks: 470

    • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] Yantai Moving Company Introduces Reasons for Moving Vans

      Today, all local relocation units drive vans because it is not dangerous. Not only your own things are always there, but you can also prevent others from hurting others while moving in Taizhou. This three-dimensional space is larger and puts more. Then the Yantai moving company will introduce the reasons for moving a family van. Don't worry even if it rains
      Release time: 2019-07-25 Clicks: 573

    • [ Industry News ] Yantai moving company introduced the matters needing attention when carrying grand piano in the venue

      When watching some large-scale performances, it is often found that the musician or pianist at the scene will have his own piano. This type of piano is a grand piano, which is specially prepared for large-scale performances. Its weight can reach about 1,200 kg, and the price is very expensive. It's likely that some transportation will occur during the performance.
      Release time: 2019-07-24 Clicks: 610

    • [ Industry News ] Yantai moving company

      For people, safety is important. You must be very careful whether you move the plant or move daily. You can't move a few times in your life, but you can be exhausted once you move. There are too many things, and physical strength will be seriously overdrawn. Therefore, pay special attention to some issues. Only then can things be moved faster. Does not affect the normal life or production schedule, note
      Release time: 2019-07-23 Clicks: 632

    • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] How to Reduce the Relocation Burden of Yantai Moving Company

      Relocation is a tedious task. Until you go to each room in person to pack and pack things, you will find that your stuff is too much and too fragmented, and you will find such an assignment too tired. So is there any good way to ease the burden of your relocation and make the relocation less tiring? Then the Yantai moving company will give you a specific introduction
      Release time: 2019-07-22 Clicks: 485

    • [ Company News ] Yantai moving company price selection

      Yantai moving company price: Yantai Fushan District Qingyang Fuyun moving service department moving factory, mahogany furniture, piano fish tank air conditioning, high-altitude ladder transportation, furniture disassembly, long and short distance student moving, white-collar moving, personal moving, company moving, warehouse Relocation, air-conditioning removal and disassembly of furniture, hourly service, long and short distance transportation, etc. Yantai moving company price
      Release time: 2019-07-19 Clicks: 982

    • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] Yantai Moving Company Explains Red Cloth's Paying Attention When Moving

      Many people now pay attention to Feng Shui, which is very important for every family. It cannot be said that it is superstition. When you live in a poorly lit room all year round, your body will not be good. How the layout of the room is comfortable is also a kind of feng shui. Moreover, there are many things in this world that we do not know, and it is good to know more. When moving to a new home
      Release time: 2019-07-18 Clicks: 531

    • [ Company News ] Yantai moving company price: how to move to save more money?

      [Yantai moving company price] 1. I want to be able to ensure a smoother moving process and save money during the moving process. It is recommended that you must be able to choose a professional and regular small moving company and perform the moving process Among them, we must be able to pay attention to the following details, which can not only save money when moving, but also bring us
      Release time: 2019-06-15 Clicks: 343

    • [ Company News ] Laishan Development Zone moving company shares with you the treatment method of sofa and mattress

      When we move, we come across some furniture that makes us helpless. For example, the sofa in our living room is a hassle when moving. There are three types of sofas: leather, fabric and wooden sofas. We need to be very careful when handling every sofa. The following moving companies in Laishan Development Zone will share sofas and beds with you based on many years of professional experience in handling
      Release time: 2019-06-07 Clicks: 338

    • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] How to clean the room after the moving company in Yantai leaves?

      Although moving is a troublesome thing, moving the family is also a very happy thing! How to clean up and clean up so many items after moving? The Yantai moving company will explain how to clean the room after moving. When moving, you must pay attention to protecting valuables and furniture. The furniture mainly includes sofas, bookcases, wardrobes, beds
      Release time: 2019-08-16 Clicks: 527

    • [ Industry News ] Yantai moving company introduces how to move furniture in other places

      I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar with moving in daily life, and sometimes they are involved in it. Often, everyone will be troubled by old furniture when moving. Then the Yantai moving company will give you a specific explanation . First, throw away a lot of furniture and use it for many years, even two or thirty years.
      Release time: 2019-05-16 Clicks: 564

    • [ Company News ] The secret method of Yantai moving company to avoid moving and losing things

      Yantai moving company believes that many friends have a headache when moving. It is the packing of various items and the loss of items during transportation. This will cause very serious losses for themselves. If the loss is very valuable Items, this will naturally have a great impact on themselves, so Shanghai International Moving Company will introduce to you,
      Release time: 2019-07-30 Clicks: 437

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