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Yantai Long and Short Distance Moving Company

Yantai Long and Short Distance Moving Company

  • 烟台长短途搬家公司
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  • Release Date: 2019/06/15
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Detailed introduction

Long and short distance relocation matters

1. Please inform our company in advance of the name, size and quantity of the checked large items in order to arrange disassembly and choose a suitable packaging method;

2. Heavy goods such as books / data that are not afraid of pressure, are packed in small cartons and controlled to about 20 kg;

3. Clothes and other items should be classified Entire carton, avoid too much or too little cargo;

4. Reduce small items and pack them in large cartons after they are collected;

5. For all odds and ends, we recommend that customers sort and pack in cartons;

6. Please keep all kinds of securities, precious metals, and important information of the company to avoid loss;

7. All goods should be packed firmly and evenly.

8. Write on the outer packaging, the city of arrival, the name of the consignee, and the telephone number of the consignee.

9. Afraid of pressure, please place fragile items separately.

10. Know the detailed goods that you / the company intends to check, and prepare enough carton boxes and packing tapes;


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