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Detailed introduction

28m high-altitude truck performance characteristics

1, wireless remote control operation, can be remotely operated within 100 meters, convenient to observe the working space, safe and reliable. Remote control and manual operation modes greatly improve work efficiency. For the worker, he no longer has to worry about working in the sun, and it is more convenient to work.

2. Self-unloading bucket The dimensions are: 1160x900x370mm, which is mainly used for the up-and-down handling of sand and gravel. After the self-unloading bucket is loaded with the material below, it is automatically discharged after remote control to the designated location, which is convenient, fast, time-saving and labor-saving.

3. Hydraulic telescopic outriggers, the vehicle is equipped with four hydraulic horizontal telescopic, up and down telescopic outriggers, a total of eight hydraulic cylinders. H-type hydraulic outriggers, two-section horizontal outriggers with large span and good stability, can be operated simultaneously or separately.

4. 220V on-vehicle power supply (optional), 220V on-vehicle power supply can be connected to electric work tools at the work site for easy operation.

5. Radiators, hydraulic radiators are mainly used to cool the oil in the hydraulic oil tank. When the car is in a working state for a long time, the oil temperature of the hydraulic oil tank will gradually rise. When the oil temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius, the radiator It will turn on automatically.

6. Air pump (optional). The air pump can be connected with pneumatic working tools at the work site, which is convenient and labor-saving.


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