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Moving in Yantai

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Moving in Yantai

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Detailed introduction

In the process of moving, be careful not to drag furniture parts directly Onto the floor. After the furniture is installed, you need to test and debug to check whether the cabinet is firm, the drawers are smooth, the door panels are flat, and the gap is uniform. If the furniture is loose after installation, it may be because the hardware accessories are not completely installed, and the pins that need to be completely penetrated may only get 8 points and 5 points. Of course, it may be that if the screws are not tightened, these will be after the furniture is installed. Causes instability directly.

For panel furniture parts, if you need to stand on the ground before packing, you should use blankets on the ground and corners. Or use a soft cloth to avoid damage to both sides of the part. Furniture components that have been loaded and unloaded need to be stacked in groups and marked in time. During the packing process, it is also necessary to check whether there are small hard materials such as screws and nails in the packing parts to prevent scratching the furniture panel and other parts, and the protection of the vulnerable parts is also worth noting.


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