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Fukuyama moving company

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Fukuyama moving company

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Family resident moving

Wok, bowl, plate, cup can be stacked in groups of two or three, wrapped in soft stuff To avoid collisions, you can give priority to the original soft items in the kitchen, such as rags, aprons, anti-scald pads, drawer cloths, etc., not enough newspapers, foam, etc.

Put soft stuff on the bottom of the box before packing, you can put the plate in the lower layer of the box, and put the cup and bowl upside down into the upper layer of the box. If they are all plates, they can be sideways. Coffee cups that cannot be stacked need to be wrapped one by one with a soft cloth, buckled upside down, and the hands and the cup body are staggered with each other. "Fragile", "Afraid of pressure" and so on are affixed to the outside of the box. Glassware or wine-it is best to have an outer packaging, if not, wrap it with foam, etc., fill the gap with soft objects, and stick "fragile" on the outside.

Sharp objects such as kitchen knives and scissors-can be made of thick paper or foam to cover, and the blade is wrapped and fixed with adhesive tape. The handle of the knife must be exposed so that people can see it at a glance, which is safer. Open bottles and jars, such as dishwashing liquid, shampoo, and hand sanitizer, are all fastened, then sealed with plastic bags, and wrapped around with tape to prevent them from escaping. Unused seasonings, washing powder and other unopened bagged items-all sealed with plastic tape and boxed. Put "up" and "afraid to spill" on the outside of the box.


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