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Yantai Furniture Handling

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Yantai Furniture Handling

  • 烟台家具搬运
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Detailed introduction

Furniture packing tips:

When packing furniture, be sure to wrap the edges and corners of large furniture such as sofa cabinets with thick sheets of paper to avoid collision during transportation, and then stick the drawers and cabinet doors of the cabinet with scotch tape. Swinging the drawer firmly may cause damage or damage to other items. Girls always have a lot of cosmetics. When packing luggage, put the cosmetics in a cosmetic bag or plastic bag. Girls' dressing tables usually have a mirror. You must also take care to protect the mirror. You can wrap the mirror with plastic foam and carry Always keep it light. If you have a potted plant in your home, you should water the potted plant one night in advance so that it will Get enough water in preparation for moving the next day. The next day, the potted plant can be dug out of the flowerpot. The potted plant is wrapped in plastic foam. The potted plant is wrapped in newspaper and placed in a cardboard box.

You can also put the potted plants into the carton directly, but put a thick enough plastic foam or rag (not worn clothes) on the side of the pot to ensure that the pot will not break during transportation. The utensils in the kitchen are bundled with chopsticks, spoons, etc. with small rubber bands and put directly into the carton. Larger cabinets, take out the contents of the cabinet first, the pots and pans must be carefully packed into a cardboard box with newspapers with plastic foam or folds. This is a fragile item. It must be specially treated and placed. In addition, there is a dangerous article such as a kitchen knife. Wrap the knife a few more layers with waste newspaper to expose the handle. Then wrap the edges and corners of the cabinet with thick paper and stick them with tape, and stick the drawers that can be moved. Just place these large items gently.


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