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Yantai moving packing

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Yantai moving packing

  • 烟台搬家打包
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  • Release Date: 2019/06/20
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Detailed introduction

Moving packaging steps:

First of all, it should be classified as hard, soft, not occupying area, occupying area, etc., according to your own ideas. The class is good. The classification is good, and it can be calculated that there are several bags or boxes to be packed. According to your existing equipment, you can list what else is needed and buy them in advance. Like bags. rope. box. Vacuum compression bag storage bag and more. Quilts, clothes, curtains, etc. are not heavy but occupy a large area. You can put them in a vacuum compression bag storage bag. Shoes, sometimes without time to wash, can be packed in small bags. For cooking things, there should be a box for packing when you buy it. If you have lost it, and the large one is like a refrigerator, you can find some of the outer parts of the refrigerator that you want to foam package. The main thing is the bottom. Pots, pans and the like can be packed in a large plastic box, pay attention to the mark upwards, handle it gently. For toiletries, you can put toothpaste, toothbrush, and the like in the bucket. If you are not afraid of falling on a clothes rack, you can pack them and tie them. There are potted plants that can be packed with leaves. Fragile items are best packed in bags and boxes. Those who are not afraid of falling can be tied up to make it easier to mention.


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