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Factory equipment disassembly

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Factory equipment disassembly

  • 工厂设备拆装
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  • Release Date: 2019/06/26
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Detailed introduction

Equipment disassembly principle:

1. fully prepare

Before disassembling, according to the requirements of the equipment instruction manual, be familiar with the structure and working principle of the equipment, understand the functions and interrelationships of the parts and components, analyze the structure, location and assembly and disassembly methods of the parts and components to avoid blind disassembly.

2. Identify specific disassembly locations

Decide the parts and components to be disassembled from actual conditions to avoid unnecessary disassembly. However, a thorough analysis and inspection is also required for the parts that do not need to be disassembled to avoid leaving hidden dangers and causing adverse consequences.

3. Take correct disassembly method

Disassembly work should be performed in a certain order. The disassembly order is opposite to the assembly order. First remove the external accessories, and then disassemble according to the parts and components. When disassembling parts or components, they should be carried out in order from outside to inside, up and down. Tools and equipment should be selected reasonably during disassembly, and random knocking is strictly prohibited. The tools used must be adapted to the parts being dismantled.


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