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Detailed introduction

1.Choose the right tool

Many tools need to be used for furniture disassembly , such as screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, chainsaws, etc. These are things that must be indispensable. In addition, some protective equipment must be prepared first, as long as you have the right tools to ensure furniture The disassembly is completed successfully, otherwise not only will damage the furniture, but also hurt yourself.

2. Make identification marks

After the tools to be disassembled are ready, you can make a mark on each plate. It is recommended to use numbers to indicate the order, or use letters to indicate it. The purpose of this is to facilitate later Can reduce a lot of trouble when reassembling. Especially for those furniture with complicated structure, if it is not marked, it will inevitably cause a lot of confusion when it is reassembled, which is both annoying and laborious.

3. Disassembly in a certain order

After marking, the furniture can be disassembled and assembled, but the disassembly and assembly must be in a certain order, instead of just disassembling or disassembling it, otherwise one or other problems will occur when the furniture is reassembled. Generally, the assembly and disassembly are performed from top to bottom or from left to right, and then the plates are placed in this order. In addition, the same is true when assembling, and the furniture plates can be combined in a certain order.

4. Do a good job of protection

Although it is not easy to disassemble furniture, in addition to ensuring your own safety, you must also protect the safety of furniture plates, especially some small parts must not be lost, otherwise reassembly will become very large. problem. In fact, there will be many unexpected situations when disassembling and assembling furniture, especially some large-scale furniture will be bumped by the board if they are not careful.


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