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Yantai air conditioner disassembly

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Yantai air conditioner disassembly

  • 烟台空调拆装
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  • Release Date: 2019/06/26
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Detailed introduction

Air conditioner disassembly steps

To recover the refrigerant, collect the refrigerant in the air conditioner to the outdoor unit. Start the air blower before disassembling, you can set the cooling state, wait for the compressor to run for 5-10 minutes, after the cooling state is normal, unscrew the cap on the interface of the liquid pipe and gas pipe of the external machine, and close the high pressure pipe After closing the valve for 1 minute, dew condensation occurs on the surface of the tube. Close the low-pressure pipe (coarse) stop valve immediately. Shut off the power immediately, unplug the power plug, and tighten the safety cap with a wrench. The refrigerant recovery is complete. You can also use the forced start button on the indoor unit to start up, and observe whether there are other failures in the indoor and outdoor units. Avoid troubles when the air conditioner is moved.

After disassembling the refrigerant from the indoor unit, the indoor unit can be disassembled. Use a wrench to unscrew the indoor unit connection lock nut, and use a prepared sealed sodium screw to protect the wire pattern of the indoor unit connection connector to prevent damage to the connector wire pattern during transportation; then use a cross to remove the control wire. At the same time, it should be marked to avoid wrong connection during installation. If the signal or power cables are connected incorrectly, the external machine will not run or the machine will not be controlled. The hanging plate of the internal machine is generally relatively fixed, and it is difficult to remove it. After removing, remove the hanging plate, place it on a flat cement floor, and then pat and correct it gently.

After unscrewing the lock nut of the external machine, the prepared seal sodium screw should be used to protect the silk pattern of the connection connector of the external machine. Then use a wrench to loosen the fixing screws on the feet of the external machine. When disassembling and lowering the outdoor unit, hang it with a rope. At the same time, pay attention to balance, avoid vibration, bump, and pay attention to safety. You should slowly straighten the connection of the outdoor air conditioner, and use the prepared four plugs to seal the four ports of the connection pipe to prevent dust and water from entering the air. Close the plug, and then tie it with a plastic bag.


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