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Relocation of Yantai Fish Tank

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Relocation of Yantai Fish Tank

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Detailed introduction

Getting ready before looking for a moving company

1. During the transportation process, two or more people in the home cooperate with each other. One assisted the service staff in the house to move out, and the other watched the furniture and got on the car.

2. When the vehicle arrives in the new home, one person is also assisting the unloading by the side of the vehicle, and the other person tells the service staff how to locate things in the house. Reserve parking spaces for new and old home moving vehicles. If there is a building administrator, please inform the prophet to facilitate transportation.

3. If you have a good idea about Anjuji, you must confirm it with the moving company again.

4. Electrical appliances that generate heat (such as televisions, electric heaters) and compressors (such as air conditioners, dehumidifiers) should not be used on the day of moving. On the one hand, to avoid damage to the electrical appliances, on the other hand, to avoid injuring service personnel.

5. Contact cleaning team to deal with large waste and waste

6. Provide contact information for moving staff and new home (such as building manager's contact phone or mobile phone)


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