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Moving in Yantai

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Moving in Yantai

  • 烟台搬家
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Detailed introduction

Feng Shui term for moving house

Reflective shame: Any light that is illuminated by the reflection of sunlight, water, and glass is called a reflective shame.

Foot cutting: Rarely seen in the city center. The building is close to the water and the water is close to the house.

Scythe: Any curved overpass or curved flat road is called For the sickle.

Gufengsha: The so-called "solitary arrogance on the first floor" means that there is no backing or building on the front, back, left, and right of a building.

Gun Brake: This is an invisible gas. The so-called "one straight road and one gun" means that there is a long straight road facing the door of the house. It is the crime of breaking the gun. Taking itself as the center point, there are straight roads or rivers. Rush towards yourself too.

Bai Husha: The white tiger in "Left Qinglong, Right White Tiger" by Feng Shui division refers to the phenomenon of ground breaking on the right side of the house.

The sky is cut: The two buildings are so close together that a very narrow gap is formed between the two buildings. From a distance, it looks like the building was broken by a sharp axe falling from the sky.

Heartbreaker: Underground railways or tunnels have been built underneath some buildings.

Lianzhensha: Generally, Fengshui pays attention to the back, but if the mountain that is leaning on is not a famous mountain, it is a poor mountain without mountains and grass. Fengshui is called Lianzhensha.

Flyover: A flyover from the top to the bottom often has an oblique castration. The flyover is empty water, and it goes away obliquely.

Open mouth: When you open your own door, you see the opening of the elevator door, like a tiger's mouth.

Chongsha: From the perspective of Feng Shui, people who live below the fifth floor are more likely to commit Chongsha, because their homes are mostly blocked by lampposts and trees.

About Fengshui's choice of terms

Groundbreaking: When building a house, according to the selected day, the time when the first soil is laid under the Jifang with Jiufang is called "moving ground".

Lower foundation: After the wall foundation is dug, the time of the first foundation stone laid in Jifang is called "lower foundation".

Upright post beams: Good days for erecting posts and roof beams.

Anmen: Generally refers to the middle gate (main gate) towards which the gate faces.

Stove: repair the stove, shift the stove.

Entering the fire: Generally refers to entering the house. In ancient times, there was a ritual of entering the fire. It is still a custom in small towns and rural areas.

Migration: Relocation of residence (used house).

Build: Build houses, repair counters.

Bed: Generally refers to the establishment of a new marriage bed or removal of an old bed.

Sacrifice: Sacrifice ancestors or worship gods in the temple.

Pray for blessing: Pray for God to come and make a wish on the reef.

Securities transactions: contractual transactions.

Planting: Sowing 100 fruits, planting fruit.

Opening canals and wells: building sewers and ditches; drilling wells means drilling wells.

Opening: The store opens for business or the first day of the new year.

House cleaning: House cleaning.

Open: Open the warehouse.

Beam: Cut down trees for roof beams.

Retouching the wall: paint the wall.

Healing roads: repair roads.

Building a loft: Dismantling old houses and walls.


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