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Yantai Enterprise Moving Company

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Detailed introduction

Matters needing attention when moving companies :

I. Responsible person communication

This is really important. There are too many people in a company or unit, which leads to too many or too many people responsible for the relocation. Some people may be the heads of a department or the heads of a certain department. If the contact is overlooked, it will cause the entire relocation flow In many cases, you need to find the right person and arrange for the relocation. After contacting the person in charge, you must start the relocation.

Determine the relocation time

Sometimes, the people in these enterprises or units are not sure about this time, because they are also notified by the superiors, so sometimes some leaders will say that this department moves first or does not move according to the agreed time, and occasionally they will say that this is necessary. It ’s troublesome to pack the tape. Before, we encountered a company. That ’s it. There is no link on the top. This makes the relocation work very troublesome. Many things would have been done in just a few words, but the person in charge was reluctant to let it go I was entangled for a day, it was very tiring, and I was drunk. Afterwards, there were a lot of things after moving. Anyway, we must determine the time, and then ask us to carry out our relocation work according to the relocation time.

Determine the relocation matters

We will use the relocation time to carry out a relocation development work five days before the relocation, and then package the items, and then the particularly valuable items will be specially packaged. It is also possible for the unit and the enterprise to pack themselves. We provide packaging here The required items, such as packing cartons, bubble films, tapes and other items, and then these days, all the packed items are packed, and then our relocation matters are started. When packing, there are management personnel beside, both sides We need our management staff, and we should try to report as clearly as possible when packing the items, so that the subsequent matters can be properly handled.

Relocation begins

When we mobilize, we will have a series of preparations, such as a relocation schedule, a relocation plan, a relocation plan, and other relocation items. We will sign a contract with the unit one day before the relocation, and then a series of preparations are completed. Only after the official start of the relocation, we will strictly follow the relocation schedule, except for special circumstances.

V. End of relocation

After the relocation, we need to count the items, check the items in person, and then pay. If there is an objection, we will deal with the objectionable part. If it can be resolved in private, it will be resolved by contract. The move of the company is not particularly troublesome, the process is gone, and the detailed details are sufficient.


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