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Warehouse move

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Warehouse move

  • 仓库搬家
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  • Release Date: 2019/06/26
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Detailed introduction

Packaging materials for large warehouse moving :

1. Moving bag: born for moving! Large capacity, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Used to fit clothes, quilt, many, fast, good, save!

2. Blanket: It is used to protect valuables such as furniture, electrical appliances and pianos when loading cars. Computer, fax, etc. After the items are wrapped in a blanket, they are transported in a plastic turnover box;

3, carton: This is a commonly used auxiliary props for moving. In addition to the popularity of materials, it can help our items for primary protection and classification. Household appliances suitable for carton boxes: household appliances, clothing, books, and small items.

4. Plastic turnover box: This is a good packing tool; that is, it can put home appliances, clothing, books, finely divided items, kitchen supplies, and valuables such as computers and fax machines can be wrapped in a blanket and put in plastic Handling in totes; safe and trouble-free.

5. Ropes: This is the tool needed for moving. It is used for workers to carry articles to bind up and down stairs, and also used to fix articles on vehicles.


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