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  • Removal from Yantai reminds you of several things you can't do when moving long distances and precautions

    Whether you are leaving Yantai or you have just arrived in Yantai, one thing you will face is long-distance relocation. This is indeed a headache, and of course there are many precautions, but there are a few things that cannot be done, and for the convenience of everyone, the Yantai moving company also listed these things. What ca n’t you do
    Release time: 2019-12-31 Click times: 153

  • Moving in Yantai-Issues to be aware of when residents move

    Residents moving is a big thing, and naturally they need to pay more attention in all aspects to avoid some losses due to inadequate consideration in some places. The Yantai moving company will come and talk about some things that should be paid attention to when the residents move. First, residents need to choose a good day to move. I believe everyone has heard that you should choose Zodiac for marriage
    Release time: 2019-12-27 Clicks: 162

  • Yantai moving company explains how to pack fragile items when moving?

    When moving, it is inevitable that there will be some fragile things that need to be packed, but there is no suitable box. We can only use some of the things in our hands to help with the packaging. Many moving companies also provide packaging services, but you can also learn related knowledge to give yourself a deeper understanding. Then the Yantai moving company will give you specific details
    Release time: 2019-12-21 Clicks: 459

  • How should I clean and maintain my home floor everyday after moving to Yantai?

    After moving, the floor of the house is often messed up. We all want the floor of our home to be clean, so how to clean and maintain the home floor everyday after moving? Then how to clean and maintain the home floor everyday after moving to Yantai. Self-dispensing lotion. Put soft soap, bleached earth, soda 450g and 227 each in a large saucepan
    Release time: 2019-11-15 Clicks: 561

  • What role do woven bags have when moving in Yantai?

    Woven bags are very common in our lives. It is because of woven bags that our lives are much more convenient. Below, Yantai Moving Company will introduce you to the positive role of woven bags in the process of moving in Yantai. First, save time If you need to manage a large number of goods, if you use woven bags, it will greatly improve our work efficiency
    Release time: 2019-11-02 Clicks: 468

  • What should be paid attention to when moving to Yantai in winter?

    Moving is sometimes done in the winter, so what should be paid attention to when choosing a winter move? Below, I will give you a detailed explanation of what you need to pay attention to when moving to Yantai in winter. I. Planting green plants: As the ventilation during winter construction is not as good as in other seasons, some indoor gases will be harmful to the human body. For new decoration
    Release time: 2019-10-19 Click times: 472

  • What is the point of giving red envelopes when moving in Yantai?

    For many people, moving can be said to be one of the few happy events in their own lives. When moving, they will always invite relatives and friends to sit in their new home, and everyone will send a red envelope. Congratulations, so what's so special about giving a red envelope when moving? Then I will give you a detailed explanation about the delivery of red envelopes when moving in Yantai.
    Release time: 2019-09-29 Clicks: 504

  • Yantai moving company tells you there are ways to save time when moving

    We all say that moving is a big deal for everyone, and no one wants to mess around. Yantai moving company tells you how to move. The first is to arrange the time. It takes two to three hours to move. If it is a long distance or traffic jam, it will take longer. The second is to make an appointment in advance with the moving company in Yantai to let the moving company
    Release time: 2019-09-21 Clicks: 543

  • What do you pay attention to when you move to Yantai?

    When moving, because it is a new home, many people will pay special attention to the decoration of the new home. After all, this is a new beginning. Whether it is the wall or the floor, the placement of furniture will be particularly particular and pay attention to. Many small things pay special attention, so what are the particulars about the mirror when Yantai moves? Let's move on to Yantai in detail below.
    Release time: 2019-09-21 Clicks: 557

  • Yantai moving company introduces the details of large enterprises moving

    Moving is not only a personal or family need, but many large companies or factories may move. Relatively speaking, the larger the size of the customer, the more tedious it will be to move. Therefore, for moving, it is necessary to grasp and understand the relevant details of attention. Today, the Yantai moving company will analyze the details that large enterprises need to pay attention to when moving.
    Release time: 2019-09-19 Clicks: 540

  • How to deal with stains when moving home in Yantai?

    Yantai moving reminds you that when moving, you will have a headache for the furniture, so how to deal with the stains on the moving home? Here are some tips on how to deal with stains when moving home in Yantai. 1. The refrigerator in the home is often soiled by food and moisture. After moving, you can take some toothpaste and apply it on the hard-to-clean spots to remove the unsightly stains. and
    Release time: 2019-09-12 Click times: 537

  • How can Yantai move without worrying?

    The moving company reminds you that the house can be easily moved in after the house decoration is completed. This is a very happy thing for us, but moving is not so easy. There are a lot of things to pay attention to during the moving process. Matters, the following will specifically introduce how to move under Yantai more easily. Step 1: We should move in a week in advance before moving
    Release time: 2019-09-09 Clicks: 538

  • How to deal with potted plants when moving?

    Many people like to plant some flowers and plants on the balcony of their home. One can cultivate their own life taste, and the other can also look beautiful in their home, making the home look more lively and more livable. However, sometimes it is necessary to move because of various reasons, so how to deal with potted plants when moving? The following Yantai moving company will introduce the processing method for you: 1
    Release time: 2019-09-09 Clicks: 407

  • Introduction to tools commonly used in Yantai moving companies

    Everyone knows that you only need to find a moving company in Yantai. Then you know what tricks or necessary tools you need to move. It is estimated that only the movers in this industry know. Here are some of the most commonly used tools for moving companies in Yantai. 1. Carton This is the most commonly used moving props, except
    Release time: 2019-09-04 Clicks: 753

  • What qualities does the Yantai moving staff have?

    One hundred and sixty line by line, the same goes for moving companies. Although the number of moving companies on the market today is endless, naturally there are comparisons in all walks of life, but do you know what qualities the Yantai moving personnel possess? Yantai Moving will regularly conduct strict system training for company personnel, and at the same time for drivers
    Release time: 2019-09-04 Clicks: 772

  • How to prevent the small traps of moving companies in Yantai

    When we need to move, we sometimes see a small advertisement on the street and call to help with the move, and sometimes we are in a big disaster because we covet the trouble at this time. There are many small traps for informal moving companies waiting for us Step in, and we have to compromise because we are in a hurry to move, then this time we must know how to prevent the small trap of the moving company
    Release time: 2019-09-03 Click times: 663

  • Do you know what are the characteristics of a professional Yantai moving company?

    Now that the moving service market is becoming more and more competitive, in order to expand the business, the moving company has tried every means to do all kinds of publicity. For example, advertising on television or FM radio. Many companies have their own websites. Some companies have launched platforms such as public accounts and blogs. These platforms are very flexible to promote the moving business of the Yantai moving company. You can not
    Release time: 2019-09-03 Click times: 471

  • Yantai moving company brings us convenience

    The Yantai moving company can provide you with moving services, which is more considerate. In this case, it can allow you to reduce the moving time without much effort on your part. When you want to move, do you still have headaches for moving? When moving, you have to take all kinds of things, from furniture and appliances to small ones.
    Release time: 2019-09-02 Click times: 863

  • How to choose a moving company in Yantai for the first time?

    Everyone usually chooses a moving company when moving, but do you know how to choose a moving company in Yantai? Let me give you a detailed introduction. I hope everyone can apply what they have learned and can help everyone. 1. See qualifications. When choosing a Yantai moving company, you must choose a regular moving company. The regular Yantai moving company is in the country.
    Release time: 2019-08-29 Clicks: 548

  • What's so special about moving in the afternoon?

    Do you want to move as soon as you move? The Yantai moving company tells you that this is also very particular. Generally, do not choose to move in the afternoon. The following introduces you to some of the stresses of moving in the afternoon. 1. Try not to choose moving in the afternoon. In fact, you want to avoid the problem of moving in the afternoon. First of all, we say that the best and most direct way is
    Release time: 2019-08-28 Clicks: 818

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