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  • Factors Affecting the Development of Yantai Moving Industry

    With the increasing diversification of modern life and the rapid development of moving companies, more and more factors have also limited the development of the moving industry. So what are the factors that affect the development of moving companies? Yantai moving company summarizes the following factors that affect development through practice: 1. The specifications of the moving industry are not clear enough. Although the moving market is not large,
    Release time: 2019-12-14 Click times: 347

  • How to distinguish between a regular Yantai moving company and an informal moving company?

    With the continuous development of the social economy, the improvement of the living environment and the acceleration of personnel flow, many people will encounter the situation of moving. When we move, in order to complete the moving work more efficiently, we are in the process of moving. Yantai moving companies are usually chosen to help us move, so how should we choose the right
    Release time: 2019-11-09 Clicks: 490

  • Yantai moving introduces a good way to quickly smell new furniture

    Many people will re-purchase new furniture after moving into a new home, and the new furniture we just bought often has a strange smell, which makes us feel bad, so how can we quickly and effectively dispel the smell of new furniture? Below, Yantai moves to teach you some good ways to quickly smell. 1. When you buy new furniture home, you must remember to open the windows frequently and let the room
    Release time: 2019-09-20 Clicks: 520

  • The need for a new home inspection before moving

    As more and more people move with the rapid development of transportation, they often change their homes, so today I will talk about the necessity of checking new homes before moving to Yantai. I hope that the knowledge summarized for you will help everyone. In addition to landlord agency when choosing a new place to live
    Release time: 2019-09-10 Clicks: 495

  • What should Yantai do three days before moving?

    Everyone will usually experience moving, but everyone knows what to do in the first three days of moving. Then I will give you a detailed explanation about the things to do in the three days before moving to Yantai. I hope to help everyone. After confirming your new home location before moving, you can advance
    Release time: 2019-09-10 Clicks: 773

  • What are the materials for packing in Yantai?

    Moving in Yantai generally requires packing in advance, which can effectively avoid the loss of items. When packing items, many different packing materials are used. What are the packing materials for moving? How much do you know? I hope it will be of great help to everyone. 1. Moving bag: designed for moving! Large capacity, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Used to fit clothes, quilt, and more
    Release time: 2019-09-05 Clicks: 701

  • How can Yantai move without worrying?

    After the house decoration is completed, you can easily move in. This is a very happy thing for us, but moving is not so easy. There are a lot of things to note during the moving process. Let's introduce how to move more easily. Step 1: We should ventilate and remove formaldehyde one week in advance before moving in Yantai.
    Release time: 2019-09-02 Clicks: 482

  • The most controversial place in moving in Yantai

    It ’s inevitable that there are some minor disputes during the move. The key is to handle the disputes both ways. This is also a headache for the general public. Let ’s talk about the most controversial places in Yantai moving . The first point is to meet customers who have furniture that needs to be disassembled. Because the customer did n’t know that some furniture had to be disassembled before, then the customer
    Release time: 2019-08-27 Clicks: 827

  • Method for disassembling air conditioner when moving in Yantai

    How to disassemble the air conditioner when moving? This general professional moving company has a special person in charge, but if we dismantle it ourselves, what should we do? Let ’s move to Yantai to explain how to remove the air conditioner when moving. When dismantling the air conditioner in Yantai, it is necessary to collect the refrigerant in the air conditioner and collect it into the outdoor unit. Start before disassembly
    Release time: 2019-08-23 Click times: 790

  • How to deal with Yantai moving company's multiple price increases?

    Everyone has experienced moving, but everyone knows that sometimes moving companies will increase prices, and everyone knows how we should respond? Then I will give you a detailed explanation of the solution to the multiple price increases of the Yantai moving company. 1. Temporary workers come to help, do you dare to move? Appointed a moving company but did not work
    Release time: 2019-08-22 Clicks: 602

  • Yantai moving explanation

    Company relocation is different from ordinary family relocation. There are many items in the company unit, which involves furniture disassembly, air conditioning relocation, and many company units also have large items such as safe fish tanks. The moving company visits the house, finalizes some moving details, and signs a moving contract. The contract should stipulate some details, especially damage.
    Release time: 2019-08-22 Clicks: 632

  • Money saving tips for moving in Yantai

    As consumers, we all want low-cost products. Choosing a moving service is the same. We have to choose a regular moving company. This is a prerequisite for quality assurance. Don't assume that a formal moving company is synonymous with high prices. Of course, in Chengdu, ants moved to a different place. Although we look like ants are expensive to move, they are actually
    Release time: 2019-08-20 Clicks: 700

  • What time is moving? Let the Yantai moving company tell you

    The new home has finally been renovated. Of course, many friends can't wait to live in the new home. And personal moving is a troublesome matter, especially the choice of time, which needs to be planned well. Then the Yantai moving company will introduce it to everyone. First, the new home needs to wait for the decoration of the new home to be completed, everyone must very much want to move to this own nest
    Release time: 2019-08-19 Clicks: 503

  • Controversial places when moving

    It is inevitable that there is a small dispute during the move. The key is to handle the dispute. This is also a headache for the general public. The Yantai moving company will give you a specific introduction. The first point is to meet customers who have furniture that needs to be disassembled. Because the customer did not know that some furniture was to be disassembled, and the customer did not move often, right
    Release time: 2019-08-17 Clicks: 423

  • What are the moving tips? Yantai moved to explain to everyone

    With the continuous development of the times, moving has often been encountered in everyone's lives, but everyone knows what are the tips when moving? Then Yantai will move to give you a specific explanation, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. (1) How to save money on moving in Yantai? To save money on moving, you must first choose a formal move, never
    Release time: 2019-08-16 Click times: 608

  • Be prepared to ensure a smooth moving process

    According to the introduction of the Yantai moving company, many people did not actually plan when moving, so what should be done to ensure that the entire process can be completed smoothly, and it is precisely this oversight that often makes some small There was a problem. But then again, if you want to ensure a smooth move, what should you do to achieve it?
    Release time: 2019-08-14 Click times: 597

  • It is recommended to transfer these appliances when moving

    Moving to a new place is not a trivial matter. There are many customs. Whether renting a house or buying a new house, it means living in a brand new place for a long time. In order to enter the future house smoothly, the career is high, and the wealth is rolling, Yantai moving company tells you that when moving, we pay attention to these small details. 1. According to the tradition of kitchen utensils
    Release time: 2019-08-13 Clicks: 683

  • What are the concerns about moving customers? Yantai moving to tell you

    At the moment, only good-moving companies will have more markets and more old customers. Many citizens are distressed to find a reassuring and formal moving company. If a non-regular moving company is found, the service will not be guaranteed during the relocation process, and there may be a starting price for the moving workers. Now, Yantai moved to tell everyone
    Release time: 2019-08-09 Clicks: 637

  • Yantai moving company on matters needing attention in moving

    Everyone often ignores and pays attention to the details when moving, and everyone does not know these details well, then the Yantai moving company will come to give you a specific explanation and hope that it can be of great help to everyone. ⒈ During the transportation process, two or more people in the family cooperated with each other. One moved out to assist the staff in the house, and the other stayed by the car
    Release time: 2019-08-08 Clicks: 620

  • Yantai moving company shares the assembly and installation steps of the desk

    For many people, the process of moving may be very hard, especially for individuals, it is difficult to disassemble and relocate furniture, and for companies and companies, it is difficult to disassemble and disassemble desks. Next, the Yantai moving company will explain it to everyone. 1. Some board desks are often assembled by different components, so not
    Release time: 2019-08-07 Click times: 743

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