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How many misunderstandings should be avoided when choosing a moving company in Yantai?

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How many misunderstandings should be avoided when choosing a moving company in Yantai?

作者: 福山区清洋福运搬家服务部点击: Release Date: 2019-12-07 Author: Qing Yang Yun-Fu Fushan Moving Services Views:

1. The lower the price, the better? Many customers, especially those who do n’t know how to get a Yantai moving company phone, are most likely to think so. They do n’t know the service price and their vehicle size, service quality, professional skills, regular item placement, good protection measures, thoughtful comprehensive high-quality added value and handling Workers' quality levels are inseparable.

2. The misunderstanding of the way to obtain the phone of a moving company. Some consumers think that there is no technology in moving, isn't it just moving and moving goods? It is very simple. They can be moved in newspapers or community advertisements without any screening. Telephone, in fact, not all. Regular and professional moving companies have skilled professional porters and good safeguards. Really skilled moving porters should have the following basic technologies:

A proficient handling and operating skills

B Familiar with the safety, tilt and collision characteristics of the items being carried

C. Insight and accurate grasp of the on-site environment, proficient in item protection and disassembly skills

D: Relocation workers have good personal qualities

EGood communication and on-site relocation command organization ability (teamwork)

Attentive consumers You can carefully observe the newspaper ads and the advertisements posted in the community, and you will find that the same phone number displays different Yantai moving company names on different dates? You must be confused, why is this? It ’s very simple, because this company does n’t exist at all. He can just choose a name, change it today, and change it tomorrow. Maybe he has no confidence in the quality of his service, so he has to change the name constantly. It ’s me, looking for that or me. What ’s even more ridiculous is that even the first, second, and third place ads are all funny. Imagine the difficulty of a company going to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau to change or newly set up a company. Understand (obviously impossible, so the procedures for moving goods are more conceivable)

3. Misunderstanding between price and vehicle, some consumers like to call for more prices, and even call more than 10 in a row. Generally, it is really good for customers to choose more than one, but we recommend to call up to 3, and be sure to Attention should be paid to the introduction of operators (regular companies usually have operators), the vehicle model and the word of mouth of the moving company. Of course, the size of the vehicle is only one aspect. The quality of workers, loading rules and the order of items are the most important. The judgment condition is the company's performance and reputation.

In the spirit of being responsible and responsible to customers, for the relocation of units, you must check whether the business certificate procedures of the moving company are complete, road business permits, business licenses, copies of motor vehicle registration certificates, organization codes, tax certificates, if necessary You can ask to show the certificate of the workers and the relocation case contract so that you can really find a large professional relocation company.

Basic knowledge: A road operating permit can prove whether it is qualified for operation, and the owner of the motor vehicle registration certificate (or driving license) is displayed as its company name (or certificate of attachment) to prove that the company has a vehicle instead of temporarily renting it (or Whether the door identification name (non-body) is its company name), employment contract materials, etc. can prove whether the company has a fixed professional porter.

First of all, pay attention to whether the moving company has a formal office location. You should go to the official office to check its operating permit. The operating project must have a "moving transportation service" item to be a officially qualified moving company that can engage in moving transportation services. Generally, large-scale large-scale moving companies have basically guaranteed services. Of course , the performance of Yantai moving companies and user reputation should be the most direct basis for judgment.

Second, sign a valid service contract or order agreement. According to relevant regulations, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the relocating party and the trustee, the moving transportation enterprise and the customer shall sign an effective service contract. This should include the time and place agreed by the parties A and B, the models required, the relocation method agreed by the parties A and B, the service price agreed by the parties A and B, the service items and requirements proposed by the party A, relevant service commitments made by the party B, and valuable and vulnerable items Definition of the responsibilities of both parties during the removal process, the basis for claiming the claims by Party A, the delivery time for Party B to complete the moving and transportation service work, other service items agreed by both Party A and Party B, etc. In this way, it is possible to avoid related disputes caused by unclear verbal agreement, and to prevent the rights and interests of both parties from being difficult to be protected if there is a problem.


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