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Factors Affecting the Development of Yantai Moving Industry

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Factors Affecting the Development of Yantai Moving Industry

作者: 福山区清洋福运搬家服务部点击: Release Date: 2019-12-14 Author: Qing Yang Yun-Fu Fushan Moving Services Views:

With the increasing diversification of modern life and the rapid development of moving companies, more and more factors have also limited the development of the moving industry. So what are the factors that affect the development of moving companies? 通过实践总结以下影响发展的因素: The Yantai moving company summarizes the following factors that affect development through practice:

1. The norms of the moving industry are not clear enough. 烟台搬家公司 ,所以这个规范还不够普及,不够精细。 Although the moving market is not very large, it is still very diverse. There are various types of moving companies. Although there are many moving company specifications in this industry, there are still many informal Yantai moving companies , so This specification is not universal enough and fine enough. So this also restricts the development of the moving industry and becomes a hindrance to the moving industry.

2. The quality of the moving workers is low. Because moving workers can be said to be a kind of manual labor, the moving employees recruited by the moving company are generally the bottom-level workers. Why so sure? Because people without a high level of education are willing to go to a moving company to be a moving worker. The family is so hard for you to read the book. How can you support you to be a low-level person who eats by physical strength? Real life rarely appears The phenomenon of "rich second-generation experiencing life", so the cultural literacy of moving workers is not very high.

3. The moving industry is developing slowly and is a small industry. The moving industry is an industry between the real estate and service industries. During the development of the moving industry, it did not receive the attention of macro-control. It can only be given to the "invisible hand" of the market economy to control it. It can be said that there is a serious lack of management, and its development is not allowed. This is also the reason for the confusion in the moving industry.

4. In addition to the above constraints, the chaos in the moving industry is largely caused by the lack of self-discipline of the practitioners. 之间相互贬低排挤,互相抹黑,给整个搬家行业形象造成极大的负面影响,一定程度上造成了消费者对搬家行业的普遍不信任。 Yantai moving companies depreciate each other, discredit each other, and have a great negative impact on the entire moving industry image, which has caused consumers' general distrust in the moving industry to a certain extent. The vicious price competition between moving companies has greatly squeezed the already very small profit margins. "Wool comes out of sheep". The price after the squeeze will definitely lead to a reduction in service quality, and even lead to rising prices and rising prices. And other phenomena.


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