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What is the furniture disassembly standard, what is the difference between moving and disassembling

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What is the furniture disassembly standard, what is the difference between moving and disassembling

作者: 福山区清洋福运搬家服务部点击: Release Date: 2019-03-07 Author: Qing Yang Yun-Fu Fushan Moving Services Views:

With the rapid development of society In recent years, there have been a lot of moving companies in the market, and the fees for moving companies are also different. There are still many people who are not clear about the moving company's charging standards, especially the furniture disassembly and assembly standards. Is there any difference from moving and why they charge separately?


I. Disassembly and assembly standards for moving company furniture

On weekdays, when we are looking for a mover, we will give the starting cost of an item, how much is a car. However, it is not clear the standard of furniture disassembly and assembly during the transportation process. The following points need to be disassembled and assembled:

1. Large wardrobes and beds need to be disassembled. Charges vary according to the material of the item and the complexity of the structure. If the solid wood is more precious, it needs to be protected accordingly, which will increase the cost of materials and packaging.

2. Air conditioner disassembly , this disassembly involves professional air conditioner copper tube disassembly and air conditioner debugging. It is mainly an external air conditioner, which requires professional maintenance personnel to disassemble it. At present, most household air-conditioning units are hung outside the wall, which requires high-altitude dangerous operations, so the cost will be charged separately according to the size of the item.

3. There is another kind of manual billing, which means that there are a lot of items that need to be disassembled and can be communicated with the moving company, which is calculated according to the hourly labor cost. This type of cost is much more cost-effective than disassembly and assembly.


Difference between moving and disassembling

Moving refers to the moving cost of a basic item for the vehicle, such as the floor, distance, and excess weight of the item that exceeds the included weight or volume. Disassembly and assembly is a service fee outside of transportation. This will tell the customer about the price in advance and give a clear disassembly and assembly quote at the scene according to the size and difficulty of the item.

After the dismantling and disassembling of the items is completed, they will be restored according to the original appearance of the items when they arrive at the destination, and placed in the location specified by the customer, and debugged. The customer feels that there is no problem before signing the payment.

The standard for disassembling and disassembling furniture is that apart from moving expenses, as long as the furniture items that need to be disassembled are charged separately. Therefore, when you discuss the price with the moving company, you must ask the quotation standard.


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