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Yantai moving company to share with you how to identify a serious fake moving company

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Yantai moving company to share with you how to identify a serious fake moving company

作者: 福山区清洋福运搬家服务部点击: Release Date: 2019-03-07 Author: Qing Yang Yun-Fu Fushan Moving Services Views:

In this society, the level of science and technology has improved and the standard of living has improved. Even those scammers Deception has also improved. Some scammers have even entered the moving industry, posing as some well-known moving companies to deceive. It is not good if they accidentally get caught. How should we discriminate between real and fake moving companies to avoid being fooled by those scammers? The Yantai moving company will share with you how to identify a serious fake moving company.


1. Check 114 to verify the phone. 114, the phone numbers provided are regular company phone numbers. Dial 114 to check if you know the truth.

2. Observe the dress code of employees. Generally, the employees of a regular moving company are equipped with uniform clothing, and the clothing usually has the logo or name of their own moving company. The same is true of their vehicles. If there are multiple cars, pay attention to whether their logos are the same, whether the car brand is the same, and whether the spray paint is the same.

3. Observe the relevant documents of the company. If it is a formal moving company, then the Administration for Industry and Commerce must have its record. A formal moving company will definitely have a business license, which is usually hung in a prominent place in the company. If you go to a moving company, you must pay attention to whether the company has a business license, a road transport certificate, and other related documents.


4. Whether the move is normal. A formal moving company will have a company charter and will strictly follow the company charter. Their moving process is generally carried out in strict accordance with the prescribed procedures. Except, formal moving companies generally sign moving contract agreements with customers.

5. View the invoice. Yantai moving company will remind you that regular moving companies will have invoices, so when choosing a moving company, you must ask that company if it can issue invoices. If not, then you need to be extra careful, it may be an irregular moving company.

The above content is to share with you how to identify a serious fake moving company in Yantai moving company. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding. I hope that everyone will keep their eyes open when choosing in the future to avoid being cheated.


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