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9 big problems of moving, everyone will encounter!

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9 big problems of moving, everyone will encounter!

作者: 福山区清洋福运搬家服务部点击: Release Date: 2019-03-07 Author: Qing Yang Yun-Fu Fushan Moving Services Views:

When moving from one place to another, whether it is family relocation or company relocation, there will always be various problems. these questions It's about your own good and evil. In order to have a good sign when moving into a new place and to get rid of the bad luck of the past, it is necessary to understand the problems in the process of moving into the house.


1. Can I live before entering the house?

It is recommended to live in a new house after moving home and packing. First of all, it will be very comfortable to see the new home after packing up, and secondly, it is best to hold a house-entering ceremony and be angry.

2. I want to move to a new home recently. I do n’t need to open fire to cook, can I only live for a few days?

As long as you stay in a new house, whether it ’s cooking or not, it ’s a housewarming. Moving into a new home is essentially counting from the first day you live in a new house.

3. When is the ceremony better?

The ceremony is best held on the day of moving into the new house. You can entertain the guests in the new house that day, increase the popularity of the home, and tell your friends your new address by the way for easy contact.

4. There is a "warm house" in Northeast China. Can you "warm house" before officially moving into a new house?

Generally speaking, the correct order is: first move into a new house-a ceremony to enter the house-invite friends to warm up. A house without the "entry ceremony" is easy to kill yourself and others. You can choose to turn on all the lights in the house 1 to 3 days before you officially move into your new home.


5. What do you mean by Zodiac?

Zodiac day refers to the day when the house is suitable for entering the house on the yellow calendar, which means that this day is suitable for moving. Most people will choose to move to a new home on the day of the Zodiac Day.

6. How to choose Zodiac Day?

When entering a new house, do not conflict with the "Zodiac" and "Sun Pillar" of the family ("Tiangan Earth Branch" on the Lunar Birthday), especially avoid the punishment with the "Sun Pillar" of the owner. Zodiac Days use "Water Day" as much as possible and less "Fire Day".

7. What are the taboos for the new house?

New homes: East-oriented people avoid moving houses on the days of 巳, 酉, and ugly (three alloys); West-oriented people avoid moving houses on the days of Hai, 卯, Wei (Sanhemu); south-oriented people avoid moving in Shen, Zi, Chen (Sanheshui) moving house on the day; Northers are afraid to move house on Yin, Wu, and Hu (Sanhe fire) days.


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