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Matters needing attention when moving company units

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Matters needing attention when moving company units

作者: 福山区清洋福运搬家服务部点击: Release Date: 2019-03-07 Author: Qing Yang Yun-Fu Fushan Moving Services Views:

Company relocation is different from ordinary family relocation. There are many items in the company unit, which involves furniture disassembly , air conditioning relocation, and many company units also have large items such as safe fish tanks. The moving company came to check, finalized some moving details, and signed a moving contract. The contract should stipulate some details, especially how to compensate for the damage. What aspects should companies pay attention to when moving?


When moving a company, you must choose a powerful and large moving company. At present, there are many moving companies in the market that are not registered with the industrial and commercial department, and some have only one or two moving company trucks. We give a simple example that the company must definitely issue an invoice as a proof of reimbursement when moving, but many irregular moving companies cannot issue an invoice at all. Many small companies often take over the work of the company at a low price and often work with several peers. Because they are not a company, there is no agreed arrangement and scheduling. Everyone is doing their own thing. Everyone is rushing to do the heavy work. No one wants to do it.


What's even more horrible is that small companies can't do it, and adding money is very good. They always add money for various reasons. You do n’t need them when you are angry, let them go, they flip their faces, who do you think you are? Let ’s come, let ’s go, a few trucks are blocking the gates. I can't do it for others and don't even think about it. Don't underestimate the moving company. They deal with customers all day long. No one has seen it before. It can be said that it has been battle-tested and battle-hardened. It is a piece of cake to deal with you. In the end, the whole moving scene was a mess. It was because you accidentally found a unreliable moving company. Gao's leaders were dissatisfied with you and had opinions on you.

The company unit should select a person in charge when moving. If there is any problem, the person in charge should negotiate with the moving company to avoid overburdening. To avoid it, there are many leaders in a company. He said to move this first. She said to move first, one said to move this way, and the other said to move it so that the moving workers didn't know who to listen to.


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