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What to pay attention to when moving long distances

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What to pay attention to when moving long distances

作者: 福山区清洋福运搬家服务部点击: Release Date: 2019-03-07 Author: Qing Yang Yun-Fu Fushan Moving Services Views:

For everyone, short-term moving may be an ordinary thing, but for people who move long distances, it can be a torture. So today I will summarize the things that need attention in long-distance moving transportation, including as follows:


1. For all odds and ends, we recommend that customers sort and pack in cartons;

2. Understand the detailed goods that you / the company intends to ship, and prepare enough cardboard boxes and packing tapes;

3. Heavy goods such as books / data that are not afraid of pressure, are packed in small cartons and controlled to about 20 kg;

4. Clothing and other items should be coded in the entire carton to avoid too much or too little cargo;

5. Reduce small pieces and pack them in large cartons after they are collected;

6. Bank cards, various certificates, precious metals, important company information, etc., please keep it by yourself to avoid loss;

7. All goods should be packed firmly and evenly.

8. Inform the company of the name, size and quantity of the consignment in advance by telephone, so as to arrange disassembly and choose a suitable packaging method;

9. Write on the outer packaging, the city of arrival, the name of the consignee, and the telephone number of the consignee.


10. Afraid of pressure, please place fragile items separately.

11. Check whether the vehicle is empty before handling and after unloading.

12. Pay attention to whether the loading height meets the agreement of both parties.

13. Confirm the contents of the contract again before moving, so as not to cause the moving company to omit any content and cause disputes.

14. Remind the moving staff what items are fragile or valuable.

15. Things you will use first when you arrive in your new home: cleaning tools, toiletries, the next day's work, school supplies and other items can be boarded last, get off first, and placed separately in your new home.

16. The water, electricity and gas in the old house must be closed. After the new house is confirmed, the water, electricity and gas can be used.

In fact, these points mentioned above are very small details, but they are very important for long-distance moving. I hope you can use them in future life.


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