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Yantai moving company shares the assembly and installation steps of the desk

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Yantai moving company shares the assembly and installation steps of the desk

作者: 福山区清洋福运搬家服务部点击: Release Date: 2019-08-07 Author: Qing Yang Yun-Fu Fushan Moving Services Views:

烟台搬家公司 就给大家来讲解一下吧。 For many people, the process of moving may be very hard, especially for individuals, it is difficult to disassemble and relocate the furniture, and for companies and companies, it is difficult to disassemble the desk Next, the Yantai moving company will explain it to everyone. 1. Some board desks are often assembled through different components, so desks with different structures will have different orders, but the basic structure of their assembly will not change. Then the first step is to look at the detail pattern first. Figuring out what kind of style it is and how to install it, it is easier to install it with a certain pattern in mind.

2. Desktop board edge banding. Desktop board edge banding is based on the length of the four sides of the table panel, and the length must be guaranteed. Then apply glue separately and fix it. And use headless or flat head round nails to nail the periphery of the desktop board, requiring that all glued surfaces and beveled joints must be tightly seamed.

3. Covering wire and processing molding edge. The covering line is to saw both ends of the four frame slats below the desktop board at a 45 ° bevel angle to ensure the length dimension, and then glue the four sides below the desktop board. When processing the formed edge, the profile that meets the requirements of the pattern will be milled on the milling machine.


4. Rest and assembly of single chip. The trimming is to polish the entire surface with wood and sandpaper to meet the requirements of surface quality and look more beautiful. However, a single piece is a combination of two scraps and a fascia part into a single piece, making it more stable and beautiful.

5. To install the tripod, the tripod needs to be assembled with two single pieces and the other two observation boards. After the complete tripod is assembled, install the corner. 提醒您最后再将桌面板底朝上放在工作台面上,用螺钉将脚架与桌面板连接起来,这样一个完整的办公桌就组装成功了,自己动手组装的办公桌使用起来是不是觉得更有成就感呢。 The Yantai moving company reminds you to finally place the desktop board on the work surface with the bottom face up, and connect the tripod to the desktop board with screws. Such a complete desk is successfully assembled. Doesn't it feel more fulfilling?

烟台搬家公司 分享办公桌的组装安装步骤,相信大家都有一定的学习和了解了,如果大家还想了解更多资讯,请继续关注我们吧。 The above is the assembly and installation steps of the sharing desk of the Yantai moving company . I believe that everyone has learned and understood. If you want to learn more, please follow us.

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