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How to protect large antique vases when moving?

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How to protect large antique vases when moving?

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If you have a lot of large antique vases in your house when you move In the process of carrying heavy items, in addition to being careful and careful, they also need to be reasonably packed and protected, so here is a comprehensive introduction for everyone, for the case of such large antique vases How should protection and packaging be done?


For relatively large antique vases, the overall value is definitely very expensive. If you want to avoid some regrets caused by moving, it is recommended that you must be able to handle and package protection reasonably. Clean the antique vase from the inside out. After all, a lot of dust will appear when it is placed in the house. After cleaning, it will naturally dry and then it will be packed.


Wrap the foam shock-proof film inside and outside the vase first. Try to use textured paper to stick the foam shock-proof film. It can achieve a more compact effect during the connection process, and the textured paper will not leave any marks on the vase And the adhesiveness is better, so everyone must be able to pay attention to these packaging details, after the foam shockproof film is completely wrapped, we can let professional staff come to the door to fix the wooden frame.

When you are dealing with large antique vases, you must use the above methods to handle and package them, which can bring better protection to the large antique vases. When moving, it is recommended that you must pay attention to some details and handle the same Be sure to handle it carefully and find a suitable position on the truck for fixing.


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