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Precautions before moving

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Precautions before moving

作者: 福山区清洋福运搬家服务部点击: Release Date: 2019-03-07 Author: Qing Yang Yun-Fu Fushan Moving Services Views:

Everyone knows that they are moving There are many things to note before. How much do you know? Then let me explain it in detail.


First, the preliminary preparation determines the smoothness

1. When packing, start with the items that are not used often

2. Centralized sorting, only one room at a time, to avoid messing up the items in each room, unable to carry out inventory checking.

3. After packing the items, remember to write the serial number in the storage bag / carton. Clear identification can make it easy to count and avoid messing up or losing items in your new home.

4.Do not leave gaps when packing: if there is a gap in the box, the contents of the box will slide more easily, which will cause the carton to rupture and the items to fall, which will affect the progress of handling.

5. Make sure that the items are not filled too much when packing: it is easy to cause damage to the carton and damage the goods, and it is not easy to stack the boxes, and it is prone to dangerous situations.

6.Do not fold the bottom of the origami box into a chevron shape: because it cannot bear the weight of the item, it is easy to crack.

7. Sealing method at the bottom of the carton: one-letter method, cross method, H-letter method, depending on the contents of the box, H-letter method is recommended.


2. For those large-scale furniture, home appliances and daily necessities, you need to do a good job in advance.

1. Air conditioners and water heaters must be disassembled in advance, and power off and cleaned to avoid affecting the use after moving into a new home.

2. Large items such as unused home appliances and wardrobes must be sent to someone for recycling in advance. (Because it is very likely that garbage disposal fees will be charged)

3. Unplug the refrigerator before removing it, remove the ice and empty it, and seal the refrigerator door with tape.

4. Unplug the washing machine before removing the internal waste water completely.

5. For TVs / computers, use the original carton if there is an original carton (the display is a fragile product and must be protected). If not, give priority to finding a moving company to book a special carton and packaging protection service.

6. The furniture such as wardrobes and desks needs to be emptied inside, and locked (keep the keys away) or fixed with tape. The table is first glued with thick cardboard to prevent scratches.

7, sofa: 1-2 days sofa packed, especially solid wood and leather. Some large sofas cannot be accessed by elevators, so they can only be carried by stairs. Be sure to fix the sofa after loading the car.

8. The piano is a valuable item. Its volume and weight require 4-6 professionals to carry it. The technical requirements are high. If it is moved, vibration will affect the sound quality, and bumping will affect the beauty. Therefore, professional packaging protection is needed.

9. Special tools are needed when moving large fish tanks, high-end imported furniture, large-screen TVs, large safes and high-altitude hanging objects. Be sure to explain the situation in advance and communicate with the moving company in time to determine the relocation plan.

10. Plan the item placement plan for the new home in advance, so as to direct the workers to place the items.


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