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  • We promise: provide professional, formal, and trustworthy quality services
  • The company provides van and flatbed services
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We focus on the moving market, witness the development of the moving history, and cast a classic moving brand; serving more than 3 million customers in total, and customer satisfaction is the historical mission of Fuyun Moving; developing business in the city and promoting the culture of Fuyun moving;

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The 28-meter moving ladder rental, moving and relocating factory, piano moving, advertising installation, floor loading, curtain wall cleaning, long-distance moving are a large moving team. At the beginning of the establishment of Fuyun, it has many years of moving business experience and accumulation. There are many different types of operating vehicles. We have employees who are trained and skilled in moving skills to ensure that they are available to you in a timely, thoughtful and safe manner 24 hours a day; formal registration, strong strength, home technology, and service in place!

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Do not drink a sip of water from the customer, do not smoke a cigarette from the customer;

Adhere to the three satisfaction principles of "social satisfaction, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction";

Strict after-sales service system, 100% customer return visits, customers are not satisfied with "0" tolerance;

Handle with care and rest assured;

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The charging standard is clearly marked, without arbitrary charges or unreasonable increases;

4-5 professional moving technicians per car to ensure the efficiency of handling;

Accompanied by one-to-one foreign language moving experts in foreign-related projects to solve the problem of language incompatibility;

Packaging, disassembly, air conditioning, lifting and other professional team services;


Your satisfaction is our promise
Professional moving company, leaving only beauty and no trace
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  • 烟台搬家公司
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Moving experts around you!

Fushan Qingyang Fortune Moving Service Department was established in 2014. Since its establishment, it has been committed to improving professional standards and improving service quality, and has been well received by customers for a long time! It is the government's long-term cooperative unit of 89000, and has long-term cooperation with large-scale enterprises and institutions such as the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Express Delivery, Dongyue, Focus Media, etc. In order to better serve customers, the company purchased a new 28-meter cloud ladder truck in 2017, which was converted to high-altitude operation to move large users.

"Integrity first, credit first" is our service tenet. The company hopes to become friends with everyone through our high-quality service, and work with you to create a brilliant tomorrow!

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