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Fuyang District Qingyang Fortune Moving Service

Contact: Manager Ma

Mobile phone : 15098661597


Address: Fuyun, Qingyang Road, Fushan District, Yantai City


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Yanyang Fushan District Qingyang Fuyun Moving Service Department professional moving factory , mahogany furniture, piano fish tank air conditioning, high-altitude ladder transportation, furniture disassembly , long- and short-distance student moving, white-collar moving, personal moving, company moving, warehouse moving, air conditioning moving Disassembly and assembly of furniture, hourly service, long and short-distance transportation, etc., welcome to inquire the company to promise: reasonable price! Better service!

I. Reliable and thoughtful service

Passionate, Proactive, Fast and Efficient

Third, do not eat, do not drink, do not take customers' property is safe and reliable

Fourth, take it lightly

V. Reasonable fees

Your trust in us is our great honor, and your satisfaction is our great comfort. We will provide you with regular, professional, low price, good service, 24-hour service, and endless holiday services, so that you save time, effort, peace of mind, and gold! !! Yantai Fuyun Moving Company has a professional staff team, a one-step service tenet, with the highest service quality and efficiency, to accompany you into the new auspicious and harmonious house, your satisfaction is our final pursue. The customer is supreme, the service is standardized, the dress is neat, the words are civilized, do not hesitate to touch, the behavior is stable, the valuables are more carefully, reasonably placed, accurate and efficient Fast. The company is in a hurry for you, 24 hours service, and holidays are endless. Yantai Fuyun Relocation provides customers with family relocation, residential relocation, long distance relocation, company relocation, cargo transportation, office relocation, overall unit relocation, factory large equipment lifting and relocation, workshop relocation, furniture disassembly, air conditioning, water heater installation, professional relocation Piano, moving valuables, moving large fish tanks, providing large and small trucks for rent and free consultation on-site inspections, valuations, telephone appointments, to provide customers with money-saving, labor-saving, time-saving, fast moving solutions!


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